i take my life with lack of sleep

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these are just my rambling thoughts while adjusting to a new (hopefully better!) life. i left all my personal writing journals in boxes back home (oops) and am too stubborn to just buy a new one altogether, so....here we are....

I'm a complete music addict that loves to travel. I have such an odd passion to find those perfect soundtracks for the most random, everyday things...like cooking is best done while listening to Frank Sinatra, Jeff Buckley is perfect for a walk at sunset or sunrise, and Keith Urban is strangely perfect for cleaning. I could sit back and watch cartoons and Star Trek (the original is the best!) all day long. One of my absolute favorite things to do is to grab a friend or two, pack up some food, and hit the road and find new places and new experiences. I wish I could get paid to travel, for sure.

I have a stupid love of sci-fi...my favorite shows being Star Trek, Star Trek TNG, Stargate (in all its forms), and especially X-Files. Personally, I'm pretty sure Fox Mulder is my husband, and Captain Kirk is really my dad. Somehow it just makes sense. But...I'm odd like that as well. I could watch the Sci-Fi channel all day though, truth be told. But, I'm a geek and I was raised that way...thanks, dad.
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